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New Discovery: Rosas Secas by Coqui Coqui Perfumes


When we were in Merida Mexico recently, one of our hosts at the small bed and breakfast were staying out walked out one afternoon surrounded by this incredible cloud of perfumed goodness.  I asked him what he was wearing and he told me he was wearing a tobacco cologne by Coqui Coqui.  A light went off in my head as I just then remembered that when we were in Tulum Mexico during the holidays, I read that there was a hotel there that had a perfumerie in it, but it was too far away so we didn’t go.  I then recalled that there was one in Merida as well.  I asked where it was and he said 3 blocks away around the corner!  Enough said, I made a trip to the store the next day.

I told you how charming we found Merida to be, but I wasn’t expecting a little bit of European glamour in the heart of this colonial city.  It was a hot afternoon and we made our way to this small store, that once you opened the doors, it was all old world charm.  There were perfumes on the left, candles in middle, room atomizers and diffusers in one cabinet and soaps and other goodies throughout.  And towards the back there was a small room with some apparel goods and even a place where you could get an espresso and some biscuits.  I was in heaven.  The lovely sales assistant, Wendy spoke very little English and we spoke very little Spanish, but we managed to communicate just fine.  Of course, I had to make a purchase, so after so many wonderful choices, I settled on a bottle of Rosas Secas.

WHAT I SMELL:  Rosas Secas opens with a sparkling bergamot that soon is met with an equally fresh and sparkling rose.  Lurking behind the rose is a lightly herbed tobacco that give the fragrance a bit of spice.  Rosas Secas is light and airy as it needs to be in order to work against the heat and sun of Mexico.  The fragrance doesn’t morph much, but the rose does become a bit more grounded and dryer, yet still manages to stay in this radiated freshness.

Mexican beautyWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  A charming Mexican beauty.



BOTTOM LINE:  Rosas Secas is perfectly unisex and is just what’s needed on those hot, hot days of summer.  Unfortunately, Coqui Coqui does not have a web shopping site, but I found that you could purchase some of their fragrances (not all) via Alder & Co. And if you do contact Coqui Coqui directly, they can provide you with an overview of their full line and can arrange shipping.  I do wish that I could have traveled home with one of their massive diffusers.  They were huge and probably weighed a good five pounds if not more…I may have to give them a call to see how much it would cost to ship!   Please check out the Coqui Coqui website as you’ll see there’s a lot more they have to offer than perfumes!

  • Bone Rating: 4 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent: Floral
  • Classification: Unisex
  • Expense: $98 for EdP via Alder & Co.