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Bleu Abysse – Les Parfums de Rosine

WHAT I SMELL:  Bleu Abysse opens with a salty bergamot warmed by the sun which is quickly met with a more mineral accord that is punctuated with an inviting rounded rose.  The combination of the rose and the salty mineral facets are quite interesting and I can’t say that I have ever experienced this in a perfume before.  However, as it continues to develop I realize that at this stage the perfume is much more akin to mineral salts for the bath.  And as soon as I make that connection, I wonder if that is how I would like to smell when I leave the house.  As the perfume continues to develop, Bleu Abysse seems to head out to the sea.  The brief introduction of the rose makes way for a more intense mineral sea sensation with the addition of vetiver and seaweed and a hint of oud adds a layer of sour to the mixture which seems to dull the minerals a bit.  Thankfully, a bit of sweetened patchouli helps to pull the perfume back to the shore making it a bit more approachable.  Unfortunately, shortly after a metallic note seems to sweep in bringing in an unwelcomed bite.  But apparently that made way for an evened mix of patchouli, vetiver with a light incense that is actually quite beautiful in a very serene way.  Too bad that doesn’t last all that long and in the end you’re left with salt and seaweed.

From the Les Parfums de Rosine website:

BLEU ABYSSE is a perfume of contrasting sensations: a deep, yet dry, marine-blue note. Inspired by the French rose, ‘Rosa Moschata’.

BLEU ABYSSE is a fresh fusion fragrance.

In creating BLEU ABYSSE, the young perfumer, Serge de Oliveira, sought to capture waves of euphoria that sweep over us when we are near the sea.

Top Notes – Bergamot, Elemi, Cassis; Heart Notes – Rose, Mineral accord; Base Notes – Oud, Patchouli, Vetiver, Seaweeds, Incense

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Salted seaweed.


WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT BLEU ABYSSE: Chemist in the Bottle, Now Smell This

BOTTOM LINE:  I will readily admit that I am not a big fan of mineral or marine scents.  The sharpness makes me feel detached from these fragrances and it’s as if I’m wearing a “thing” vs. wearing an essence.  That said, there are some interesting twists and turns in the development of this perfume, but in the end I just get salty, sharpened seaweed.  Thankfully I live not too far from the ocean so that if I want to experience blue abyss, I can just head to the nearest beach for the real thing.

  • Bone Rating:  2.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent:  Marine woody
  • Nose:  Serge de Oliveira
  • Classification: Unisex
  • Expense: 150 Euros for 100 ml Eau de Parfum available from the Les Parfums de Rosine website


New Release: La Cologne de Rosine by Les Parfums de Rosine

La Cologne de Rosine2

WHAT I SMELL:  La Cologne de Rosine opens up with a bright and fresh citrus that feels like it’s splashed with a refreshing tonic.  In a few minutes, a bright clean rose and violet combo give the perfume a pretty persona.  For being a pretty girl, the perfume has some pretty powerful projection, but there’s nothing heavy about La Cologne de Rosine because the “big” is as light as a feather. After some more time, a light musk and wood bring a clean and slightly “bathtastic” brush stroke of powder to the beaming florals which are warmed with the lightest of amber.  In the end, La Cologne de Rosine is a pretty rose tinged with freesia that is lit with rays of sunshine.

From the Les Parfums de Rosine website:

Notes:   Bergamot, Citrus, Tangerine, Rose Essence, Freesia, Violet,  Cedar Wood, White Musk, Amber

Cumulus2WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Large white fluffy cumulus clouds moving quickly across the backdrop of the bluest sky.



BOTTOM LINE:  If you’re looking for a perfume that is clean with a floral radiance, La Cologne de Rosine is the perfect solution.

  • Bone Rating:  3.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent:  Floral
  • Classification: Leans feminine
  • Expense: 105 Euros for 100 ml Eau de Parfum available from the Les Parfums de Rosine website


New Release: Majalis by Les Parfums de Rosine

MAJALISWHAT I SMELL:  This latest release from Les Parfums de Rosine opens with a rush of what reminds me of honey cough drops.  It’s like rich honey dripping down into a hot cup of lemon water.  The honey is thick, full-bodied and incredibly edible; so much so that I just want to lick the honey off of my wrist.  After a couple of minutes a cinnamon note is added to give the honey a little kick of spice.   This literally smells like I have just rolled myself up in a sticky warm honey mess and I keep thinking that I need to wash my hands off so I don’t get my keyboard all sticky.  After around the ten minute mark, the honeyed aspects of the fragrance start to calm down and the beginning bloom of the rose starts to make an appearance.  Due to the spice of the cinnamon and nutmeg, the rose just adds a nice light touch to the somewhat heavy spice which when sniffed fills the back of your throat with a heavy warmth.  But overall at this point, Majalis is almost like a honeyed piece of hard candy as it seems more suited for enjoying in your mouth rather than on the skin.  Again, the rose is there, but it’s really kind of overtaken by the spice.  Thankfully after around an hour, Majalis backs off the super cinnamon aspects of the fragrance, but overall, it ends up being a pleasant and somewhat dry and woody cinnamony rose that should only be worn in cool months.  I can’t imagine what would happen if you wore this in the middle of summer!

From the Les Parfums de Rosine website:

A seductive and sophisticated fragrance

The Rosa Majalis is a rose native from Asian mountains.  This simple flower develops an amazing cinnamon scent.  This is why we name it the Cinnamon Rose, and it is also considered as the “Love Rose” because of its soft and slightly captivating scent.  This natural and exquisite rose gave birth to a new fragrance: Majalis.

Soft Oriental, Majalis offers notes of cinnamon, pink pepper and nutmeg based on a precious wood background.  The rose is of course present. We have chosen a Bulgarian absolute to envelope the fragrance with its both bright and heady scent.

Top note : Bergamot, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Nutmeg, Cinnamon bark

Heart note : Cinnamon leaves, Taif Rose, Tea Rose, Rose Absolute, Jasmine, Black and red pepper, Coriander seed

Base note : Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk

ribbon candyWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Honeyed cinnamon ribbon candy.



BOTTOM LINE:  I really liked the gourmand honey opening, but never having been a big fan of cinnamon I can’t say that this is my favorite rose.  However, if you do like cinnamon and nutmeg, I would recommend giving this a try.  Actually, worn next to a fire with a hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter night might make for a very nice warm and fuzzy comfort moment.

  • Bone Rating: 3 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent:  Oriental Floral
  • Classification:  Leans feminine
  • Expense:  125 Euros for 100ml EdP from the Les Parfums de Rosine website

Disclosure:  Product for review provided courtesy of Les Parfums de Rosine.