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Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum

Bottega-Veneta-ParfumWHAT I SMELL:  Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum opens up light and sweet with an oh so pretty bergamot that’s sparkling and fizzy.  The jasmine is lively and full of energy and it has an incredibly happy disposition.  The projection of this delightful perfume is big and rather candied.  But there’s a slight spice that keeps the candied aspects from going full-blown lollipop.  There’s not a lot of morphing with the perfume, but the addition of patchouli brings another sweet tincture to the scent and the fragrance begins to become a bit more woody and it starts to flatten.  There’s a high level of radiant projection here, but the patchouli begins to completely take over with a brush of musk.  The perfume begins to dry with an oak moss powder,  but the one spritz I applied begins to overpower.  What started off a lovely, is now turning into a shouting superpower that’s too sweet, too artificial and too in your face.  In the end, it does quiet down, but what promise there was in the beginning just makes me feel a bit tired.  What else is there to say?!

From the Bottega Veneta website:


cotton ballWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  A overpefumed cotton ball.


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BOTTOM LINE:  Boy, my nose missed the boat on this perfume.  If you read the other reviews, there was a much more positive experience had by most.  And the suede or leather aspects?  I got nothing of the sort and I wore this several times to see if it was just the heat, humidity, my skin at the time, etc.  I guess all perfumes are not equal when it comes to the wearer….especially in this case.  But I have to say, it does come in a lovely bottle!

  • Bone Rating:  2 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent:  Chypre Floral
  • Nose: Michel Almairic
  • Classification: Feminine
  • Expense: $115 for 50 ml Eau de Parfum


Bottega Veneta Knot

Bottega Veneta KnotWHAT I SMELL:  Knot is immediately cool to the skin and the opening is this refreshing mix of citrus and lavender.  It’s clean, fresh and light and irresistibly pretty.  After 10 minutes or so the musk and Tonka joins the mix to provide a bit of sour which soon dissipates to create more of a clean haze.  The fragrance which started off light and pretty has moved slightly warmer to reveal a more sensual side with the lovely comforting florals sitting front and center.  As it further develops, the fragrance becomes a lightly powdery, musky and pretty comfort scent.

From the Bottega Veneta website:

Exotic and refreshing notes of clementine intertwine with a delicate heart of soothing lavender, the rich floral accord of rose and the lingering sensuality of peony essence, evoking the unforgettable breeze of the Italian Riviera on a sultry summer evening. An enigmatic base note of uplifting musk and Tonka absolute adds a passionate and lingering texture.

Dining-Al-FrescoWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Dining alfresco under the stars and pretty lights on a warm summer’s eve.


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BOTTOM LINE:  Knot is a nice, easy to wear perfume that can easily take your mind off the doldrums of winter.  I normally don’t care of clean musk fragrances, but the musk is carefully controlled and doesn’t completely dominate the perfume.  Oh, and I love the bottle too; a great design.

  • Bone Rating: 3.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent: Floral
  • Nose:  Daniela (Roche) Andrier
  • Classification: Feminine
  • Expense: $125 for 1.7 oz. Eau de Parfum


Bottega Veneta Pour Homme

bottegaWHAT I SMELL:  Bottega Veneta Pour Homme goes on with a blast of bergamot that is slightly citrus sweet, but then quickly turns towards a peppered layer that’s somewhat woody.    In a flash, the fir makes the entrance bringing in a pretty heft layer of forest.  After about 10 minutes the leather starts to make a very subtle presence and mixed with the labdanum it gives the fragrance almost an ambered hue.  What I appreciate about this fragrance is that the leather never overtakes the scent, but rather adds just a thin veneer to give it more of a leather finish.

From the Bottega Veneta website:

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme is a fresh, intriguing and understated fragrance, one where distinctive Bottega Veneta notes of precious Labdanum, Fir Balsam and Bergamot blend into a sensuous leathery signature with the power to enchant. Woven with rare and noble materials, the fragrance, a woody, aromatic leathery scent, takes us on an inspiring journey in time and place.

Notes include:  The notes include bergamot, pine, juniper berry, Jamaican pimento, fir balsam, sage, patchouli, and leather.

bottega2WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Classic ease bumped up with a dash of peppered sexy.



BOTTOM LINE:  For a mainstream fragrance, Bottega Veneta Pour Homme hits the mark.  It’s very much a classic men’s scent that is neither loud, obnoxious or offensive.   And there’s just enough of an edge on the classic to make this interesting for both younger and older gentlemen alike.

  • Bone Rating: 3 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent:  Aromatic Leather
  • Noses:   Daniela Andrier and Antoine Maisondieu
  • Classification:  Masculine
  • Expense:  $80 for 50ml EdT