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Lions and Tiger and Bears Oh My!!!


Lions, tigers, bearsOK, maybe it’s just lions and tigers, but The Scented Hound is going on a safari.  I feel like I have been horribly neglectful of my blog as of late, but work has been strenuous and harried in anticipation of this trip.  We planned this with friends last summer and I can’t believe that the time has finally come to get on a plane.  We are heading to Kenya and Tanzania for 13 days for an experience that I really never dreamed I would be taking.  Lions, tigers, bears2Needless to say we are very excited.  There is only one problem; we were told that perfumes and fragrances usually scare off wildlife and attract bugs, so I will be fragrance free for almost 2 weeks!  Although, once we are back on the plane home I will drown myself in perfume and probably choke up the plane.  Hopefully, there will be some wonderful duty-free shopping at the Amsterdam airport that might make my trip home a little more fragrant!

As we will be in the “wild,” I plan to disconnect myself from the electronics world so please note that I’m not ignoring my blogger friends, just trying to get back to nature.  See you later in mid-March!



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17 thoughts on “Lions and Tiger and Bears Oh My!!!

  1. It sounds absolutely wonderful! I’m thrilled for you. Going with friends will make it even more fun. Tell us even more details, so we can live vicariously: where are you going in each country and for how long? Is there one place or site that you’re particularly excited to see? How long is the trip, door to door? Please take lots and lots of photos! BTW, just how painful were the shots….?

    Sorry, too many questions and you lack the time with all the many preparations you must have. Just know that I’m SO EXCITED for you!!! And you’re going to have to be an extra-wordy Mr. Hound when you return so that we can hear all the details! Have a blast and stay safe! *smoooches*


    • Howdy Sal – Absolutely we are excited, but it doesn’t seem real because it’s been so busy up to this point and my mind is not there yet. We leave in a couple of hours and it’s going to be an all day journey. I really have no idea what to expect and have no “highlight” that I am more thrilled than others about. The trip is completely planned and we go from lodge to lodge through game reserves, etc. I am just looking forward to seeing all the animals in the wild!

      As for the shots, they actually were not that bad. However, I did have to take my first malaria pill this morning and I can tell it’s making me feel a little wonky.

      We bought a new camera with telephoto lens, so we should have some real amazing shots in store.

      Thanks for the well wishes!



  2. Oh how exciting!! Cannot wait to hear all about it when you return!


  3. Even though I cannot imagine staying scent-free for two weeks myself, everything else sounds really great. I hope you’ll enjoy both the trip and shopping (though I wouldn’t count much on those duty-free stores – unless you’re looking for a mainstream perfume).
    Take a lot of pictures!


  4. Have a wonderful safe and beautiful trip. If you do see a sign that says “Haunted Forest I’d Turn Back If I Were You” Keep going just like Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Scare Crow and The Cowardly Lion toward the adventure of a life time! Later on you will have plenty of time to say there is no place like home.


  5. I hope you have a great time! I can’t imagine going anywhere for that long. Take pictures, take notes, and share it all with us when you get back.


  6. Ho, ho…wonderful trip. I hope you’ll see a lot of amazing animals (bugs and moskitos excluded). And please let us suffer by posting some nice pictures. Maybe you should take with you the perfume of Les Nez “Let me play a lion”. Would go perfectly with the scenery.


  7. Thanks Lucas… I hope all is well!


  8. Have fun and be safe!


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