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Patchoulissime by Keiko Mecheri


patchoulissime (1)WHAT I SMELL:  The opening of Patchoulissime is a flash of strong minty coolness, its sharp and fresh and a little biting and unfortunately it last only for a few seconds.  What starts of bright, quickly turns more earthy and warm.  There is no hippieish patchouli here, but instead a soft ambery and sandalwood patchouli that is tinged with rose.  In all it’s pleasant.  But you know what; it’s very hard to write about “pleasant.”

Patchoulissime Notes:  patchouli, benzoin, rose, jasmine, sandalwood and amber.

inga-skiss4WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME: A sweet unsophisticated maiden, let’s call her Inga.


WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT PATCHOULISSIME:  I Smell Therefore I Am, WAFT…What a Fragrancefanatic Thinks

BOTTOM LINE:  Patchoulissime is nice enough.  For a patchouli fragrance it’s surprisingly clean and fresh.  I could see this as a good summer scent, but overall it just seems a bit dull.

  • Bone Rating: 3 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent: Oriental  Woody
  • Classification: Feminine – but easily worn by a man
  • Expense: $115 for 75ml EdP

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

22 thoughts on “Patchoulissime by Keiko Mecheri

  1. I laughed out loud! “In all it’s pleasant. But you know what; it’s very hard to write about “pleasant.” Thanks Steve!!!


  2. The comment — “unsophisticated maiden, let’s call her Inga” — actually made me choke on my Diet Coke. Absolutely hilarious!! I’ve never tried anything from this line, but every time I see samples or decants for a good price on eBay and then look them up on Fragrantica, I’m sorely disappointed by the reviews. For the most part, the perfumes (at least those I’ve read about) seem consistently to be average, perfectly pleasant, and quite sheer fragrances that don’t particularly stand out. Perhaps her Attar Rose thing may be different but the rest? Haven’t inspired me to go out and buy big samples.

    This review doesn’t change that, either.

    But it was damn hilarious and may have been one of the best parts of my day. 😀


    • S – I’m so sorry that I made you choke on your Diet Coke. Better that then while eating a chicken wing which would be very dangerous. I’ll have to be sure to send you some Damascena which I wonder why I purchased a full bottle of. And speaking of which I will be working on your samples this week 🙂 xoxoxox Steve


  3. For such a brief review it was very amusing. I’m glad it’s boring because I have enough on my wish list right now.


    • When there is nothing to write, you have to try for humor. As for wish lists, mine continues to grow and I have not will power and I am sure that my hub will cringe once he realizes that the Amex has in the last week succumbed to a bottle of Chypre Palatin and Amouage Dia (but I had to since I used the 25% Pennly Lane discount)! Have you received your new bottle of Cardinal yet?


      • It came the other day. I tweeted out a photo of it. 🙂 Earlier today I was wallowing in a cloud of it. Two bottles! You’re gonna be in trouble. But you’re going to smell irresistible so I’m sure hubby will forgive you.


  4. I’ve got some Keiko Mecheri in my inventory, but not Patchoulissime there. I recently fell for the newer release, Johana.


  5. Love it! I also laughed at the thought of a perfume maiden named Inga 🙂


  6. Since Patchouli isn’t my favorite note in perfumes your review would have to be not less than 4.5 bones for me to even start wondering.

    BTW, is nesting of 3 reply levels a maximum allowed by the new theme/chosen by you on purpose or was it just a default setting?


  7. Steve, I feel responsible for any comments nesting disappearance from your blog. Do you need any technical help with that?


  8. I’m always laughing at your comparisons. I don’t remember if I tried this. If I were, that says it all.


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