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The Scented Hound’s 100th Post and “Pay It Forward” Draw!


I can’t believe that it’s possible that I have managed to create 100 postings since I started this venture back in January of last year.  This blog has been a great experience and has allowed me to pursue an interest of mine without guilt and with a lot of fun.  But the best part of this experience has been the people who are part of this “smelly” community who share the same interest and who come in all shapes, sizes and ages, but all with a common love and nose for fragrance.  Without the camaraderie, this wouldn’t nearly be as much fun or satisfying.

To celebrate my 100th posting, I am asking the Scented Hound’s readers to participate in a “pay it forward” positive endeavor.  Why you ask?

Back in August, I posted a review on George Sand by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier.  I had received a sample from Luckyscent earlier in the year and never got around to testing it.  I fell in love hard and wanted a full bottle badly.  The only problem is that Luckyscent and every other vendor who carried this fragrance was sold out.  Being a former investigator, I never take anything lying down and with the advent of the internet you can find anything if you look hard enough.  I found out who the wholesale distributor of Maitre Parumeur et Gantier was and they were kind enough to reply back to me, but only to tell me that they would no longer be selling George Sand.  I asked to see if they had any bottles sitting around that I could purchase directly.  No luck.  I then found out from another source that the reason that they were no longer selling it was because of an expired licensing agreement.

So what to do next?  After doing some more research I found that the “nose” behind the fragrance was Nicolas de Barry.  Mr. de Barry luckily had his own website and to my surprise he cites the lovely George Sand on the site.  Mr. de Barry in 2003 created a line of  “Les Parfums Historiques.”  These fragrances are created by Mr. de Barry in a historical manner by creating scents that are based on notes favored by the historical figure and by using the same materials available at the given time.  These fragrances are not meant to remind you of the historic figure, but to take you back to their world, personality and being.  In all, Mr. de Barry has created five historical perfumes, the latest is Empress Sissi.  Well, not only did Mr. de Barry cite his perfumes, he also sells them under his own private atelier line.  I was thrilled…but not as thrilled as I was when I came home from vacation and found that there was a box from Portugal; a gift of a bottle of George Sand from Mr. de Barry.

Mr. de Barry didn’t have to send me a gift; but such behavior is surprisingly typical of what I have found in the warmth and generous spirit of this community.  And that spirit is truly lovely.  Before I move on, please check out Mr. de Barry’s website to find out more about this historic perfumes as well as his other offerings.  He also performs master class courses throughout the year.  I for one, hope to participate in one of these classes in the future!  Thank you again Nicolas for your generous spirit of the heart!

Now on to the draw.  Following in Mr. de Barry’s footsteps, I would like to “pay it forward” to my readers with a draw for a Yosh Discovery Set of the Evanescent collection.  There are six 3ml bottles in the collection which includes:  Sottile, Stargazer, U4EAHH!, White Flowers, Ginger Ciao and Omniscent.

Now here’s the easy part.  All I ask you to do to participate in the draw is to “pay it forward” with one good deed or thoughtful action; be it giving a co-worker a compliment to donating to your local charity.  Please note in your comment how you are going to “pay it forward” and you’re entered!

The draw closes on October 13, 2012 and is open to any reader worldwide.  The winner will be drawn at random and will be posted in a subsequent posting.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for helping me make it to my 100th post.  Now let’s “pay it forward!”

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23 thoughts on “The Scented Hound’s 100th Post and “Pay It Forward” Draw!

  1. Congratulations Houndy, it’s been fab over the last year reading how your tastes have changed and all the things you’ve fell for 😀 I’ve been excited for you constantly and have thoroughly loved reading your writing. I’ll be sure to “pay it forward”, but you can leave me out of the draw – even though that is one beautiful prize, congrats again 😀


    • Freddie my friend. Thanks for sticking by me through all this time. I look forward to seeing where we are in our journey in the next 100 posts!


      • Ditto! And I know, I have grown attached Houndy after we pretty much started our blogs at the same time 😛 It’s been fun!


  2. Perfect timing! I did it today. A coworker has a grandson who lives in Florida and he’s a chubby kid with few friends. His parents are going through a tough time and he’s not happy lately. I know he loves the Patriots and I had gotten some Patriots sunglasses and a Troy Brown Hall of Fame poster at the last home game. I decided to bring those things in to her to send to her grandson. I like the items but he will love them and get more happiness out of them so it was worth it. Hubby was shocked because I don’t even really like kids but I know what it’s like to feel lonely and have no friends. Other kids can be so mean.
    Congrats on post #100! Keep it up.


  3. YAY POST 100!!! Excellent Work! You must be over the moon. Congratulations.
    I’m going to clipper so I’m nice and neat for Jin. That’s my good deed to pay it forward. He’ll be fricken THRILLED.
    Also, I’ve made Pumpkin and Tomato Soup for a very ill friend that we love dearly,
    Portia xx


  4. Congratulations on your hundreth post! A milestone for sure!
    No need to enter me in the draw, but I’ll surely rake up your idea of paying it forward.
    Here’s to the next hundred posts! 🙂


  5. Congratulations for 1000 posts, that’s a great milestone to reach with blogging.
    I’d like to “pay it forward” by letting my Mum sleep longer very early in the morning before I leave for the train to university and I’ll prepare my sandwiches myself. Does it count?


  6. What an incredibly generous person Mr De Barry is! I think there is a bottle of George Sand in my local MP&G retailer….. I have been in the same position myself when a Facebook friend offered to send me a sample of something extremely rare that I wasn’t even dreaming of smelling: Nombre Noir

    Congratulations on your 100th post and I wish you many more hundreds. Along the same line of thinking and as my 100th post id coming up soon, I am going to offer samples from my collection to my readers, the same way you did it, discretely, without big “give-away” headlines so that only those who really read me will have a chance to win. But I also live in a city with lots of stray cats so I am looking after them, feeding them and taking them to the vet.


    • I love your “pay it forward.” My dream is to win the lottery and set up a refuge for unwanted for dogs and cats where they can live out their lives in comfort and love! Keep up the good work C!


  7. What an awesome story! 😀 And congratulations on your 100th post!

    I was planning on doing a “pay it forward” sort of thing because I’m setting up a web and graphic design business and have been gearing up to do some pro bono work for charities I support. First thing’s first, I’m going to approach a local animal rescue charity in the coming months about redoing their website for free. 🙂


  8. Congratulations!!! I’m giving some euros and towels to Pet shelter. I usually do every month.


  9. Congratulations on your 100th post and best wishes for thousands more!

    I paid it forward today by donating to the American Heart Association. My niece has organized an online and social media Help a Heart event in honor of my nephew (her brother) who has heart disease. She is walking in the Seattle Heart Walk on October 20. In the meantime, she is spreading the word through her blog. She is also donating 100% of the revenue from her Etsy shops — lots of paying forward!


  10. Congrats! 100 posts! I’ve delurked because i love what you’ve inspired here. Folks are kind! So I baked a batch of the nytimes chocolate chip cookie recipe for a frazzled looking new mom i just met who lives around the corner. Random acts of sugar are what got me through those late night feedings! And that recipe, though fussy, yields some great cookies.


  11. This week – I organized a home-away-from-home party for a coworker that is seriously homesick and we all brought pictures and typical food/drink from her home. She has smiled the rest of the week.
    I am one of the staff contact people for our fair treatment policy. I am always surprised by what some people consider fair treatment–which in reality is just plain harassment. I have planned-over the next two weeks-a series of talks so that everyone is clear on what it is and what will not be tolerated. I do not want to see any more tears of frustration or sadness this week.
    Over the past couple of weeks, a friend/classmate when I was an AFS student in Chile and I have been working on a facebook page for our graduation year/class. I have been scanning pictures from 1979! and uploading (just finished today over lunch). Everone has shared a ton of memories and laughs and we will be getting together soon.
    Being a twiced divorced mom, it is very important to me that my kids grow up to be strong, independent and happy adults. This past week my daughter attended a gathering (16 years old) and one of the foolish attendees grabbed her ass when she walked by. She told me she was surprised, but immediately turned around and slapped him while strongly berating him and the guy ended up leaving 15 minutes later because no one else would talk to him. I am so proud of her and her sense of empowerment that she has while still in her teens, and that I only learned in my 40s.
    Lastly, I am also on the Sports & Recreation Committee and have donated my time and materials to teach 16 co-workers (so far) the fun art of rug hooking. I purchase the yarn from an indigenous woman in the south of Chile–she completes the whole process by hand and is trying to grow her business so I promote and bring her new clients.
    I will be happy with a pat on the back =).


    • Sandy – it’s clear that you are doing more than your share of helping others. That’s awesome. Keep up the work and I for one am giving you a pat on the back! Good luck with the draw!


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