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Field Notes from Paris by Ineke


A lovely friend sent me a package of goodies this past week.  Of course, I had to check them all out upon arrival, but Field Notes from Paris is the one that struck a chord with me most…

WHAT I SMELL:  Green, refreshing blast that slowly melts away into a beautiful patchouli and tobacco leaf middle phase.  It’s sweet, but what I call an adult sweet, not a kid kind of sweet.  Finally, what is interesting to me is that this fragrance ends up like two fragrances in one.  What do I mean?  When I bring my arm up to take in the fragrance, I get a light leather scent.  The kind of leather that belongs to a well-worn book where the cover has been used thin.  But when I am just enjoying the fragrance on me as a whole, Field Notes from Paris is almost gourmand, like coffee and almond/vanilla cookies (all very subtly dressed together).

Field Notes from Paris Notes:  coriander, orange flower, bergamot, tobacco flower & leaf, patchouli, cedar, tonka bean, beeswax, leather, vanilla

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Perfect for today’s rainy weather, Field Notes from Paris does remind me of exactly what Ineke was trying to convey; “sweet-scented Paris afternoons, life measured out in coffee spoons.”  Perfect for hanging out in your favorite sweater and jeans on a Sunday morning while recuperating from your all too fun Saturday night.



BOTTOM LINE:  Lovely and subtle; good for a man or a woman.  This may just be the right fragrance for the coming winter when I’m curled up reading a book next to the fire.

  • Bone Rating: 4 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent: Woody Oriental
  • Classification: Unisex
  • Nose:  Ineke Ruhland
  • Expense: $88 for 75ml EdP

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

20 thoughts on “Field Notes from Paris by Ineke

  1. I need to try this again – I find it fell extremely quiet after a short while. I also didn’t like the combination of notes, they felt a little clumsy and miss proportioned, but this was only tried on skin with other things around me so I guess I can’t judge it too soon. I do really want something from this line, I mention it over again but those bottles are so damn lovely.
    I’m glad you get along with this Steve 😀


    • I don’t find it clumsy at all, but it does have a morphing factor greater than some. As for the bottle, it’s pretty, but I have not seen in person so I can’t tell, but the price is very reasonable as far as I’m concerned.


      • They have the range at Libery’s, the bottles are gorgeous 🙂
        The prices are fab yes, the brand is great – I just haven’t found a fragrance I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I think I’m hoping for to much.
        But yes I’ll have to try it again, clumsy might have been too harsh. I went in expecting an orange blossom and that’s not what I got – I was also recovering from Seville A L’Aube that day 😛
        I’ll be sure to hunt it out.
        You should get the Ineke sample pack as your in the US (I was going to but they don’t ship to the UK) – it’s so cheap, and they take the discount off a full bottle – brill service 🙂


        • I may just go ahead and do that now as my billfold and credit card are sitting right next to me!


          • DO IT hahahha
            I wish my card was next to me – so much stuff I’m desperate to order…
            Next week I might just treat myself. I recieved my full bottle of Aftelier Secret Garden the other day though (as if that wasn’t a big enough investment)…
            Hmmmm 🙂


  2. I just ordered the Ineke sample set and can’t wait to try this one.


    • I just ordered one too. This really is lovely. It seems to morph and change with the temperature and you’re mood. Is there such a thing as a mood fragrance, like a mood ring??!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


      • “I’m slowing down with my sample ordering.” Yeah, sure I am. I just caved and bought the darn sample set too. The fact that they discount your possible future full bottle purchase made it seem like a great deal. I’ve been wanting to try this line. I love the names of the scents. Hoping I love the juice too. You’ve made this one sound totally wonderful.


  3. You really caught up my interest with this review, thanks! I’ve never heard of this brand, seriously. And this bottle is lovely!


  4. Both the Ineke and OJ line bored me, but this review and Portia’s last review are making me want to revisit. I read “gourmand” and was sold!


  5. Steve, I’m glad you liked FNFP. I hope you’ll find a favorite in the line and will use the coupon to get a full bottle. I just want to warn that they are going to raise the price in September – they sent an e-mail about that earlier this month.


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  7. I love this stuff! And Ineke Rühland just lives a few blocks away from me. I keep hoping to run into her!


  8. Believe it or not my teenage daughter swiftly confiscated my first bottle and drained it in three months!


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