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Beach Lovin


No, I’m not ignoring your posts, I’m just going to the beach for a few days.  And as such, I am making a point of not being electronically connected (except for GPS requirements).  We’re just taking a few days for rest and relaxation.  Thankfully, Rehoboth Beach, DE has a niche perfume store (go figure!!!), Penny Lane Perfumes.  Check them out here.  I know how I am; too much sun + too many cocktails = purchase.  If you clicked on the link above you now know what lines Penny Lane Perfumes carries.  What purchase do you think I’ll come back with?  If you guess correctly (brand and fragrance), I’ll send you something fabulous (OK, I’m not sure what it is, but it will be fabulous, guaranteed!).

See you next week!!!  xoxoxo Steve

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3 thoughts on “Beach Lovin

  1. Enjoy your mini-vacation!

    I think you’ll come back with something from Parfumerie Generale’s line. Why I think so?
    1) You had better experience with this line than with others on the list;
    2) PG has a wide range of generally likeable scents to choose from;
    3) It’s not easily available where you live so it makes more sense to buy it while on a vacation;
    4) The price point is good not too feel too guilty about the spontaneous purchase.

    Now let’s wait and see what actually you’ll buy 🙂


  2. I can’t believe how cheap Parfumerie Generale is there – they are nearly the same price in £ here! Insane.
    Please try Intrigant Patchouli when you’re there 🙂
    And if you haven’t already: Sartorial by Penhaligons – I think you’d like it.


  3. Have fun on your vacation!


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