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Wazamba by Parfum d’Empire


Wazamba is a hard fragrance for me to review.  It’s exotic nature and unfamiliar notes make for a scent that is for me very distinctive, yet difficult to describe.  According to some information I found on the web, a Wasamba (spelled with an S) is a West African instrument made of wooden sticks that is used during circumcision and initiation rites.  Now the description above is not going to help describe this scent, but I found the definition pretty interesting upon itself.

So what does Wazamba smell like?  When applied its spicy, dry and a little bitter.  To me it has almost has hints of Indian curry with a slight dry fruitiness. As time goes on, this becomes even dryer and closer to the skin and a bit sharper.  I found that as I wore this throughout the day, it didn’t overwhelm me, but would occasionally rise to surround me at various times.  I love this scent, but am not sure how often I would wear it.  I would say that it works for both day and night and leans towards the masculine although it would work well for women as well.

Bottom line:  Hard to describe, lovely to wear, exotic and distinctive!

Wazamba Notes:

Somalian incense, Kenyan myrrh, Ethiopian opoponax, Indian sandalwood, Moroccan cypress, labdanum, apple, fir balsam

  • Bone Rating: 4 out of 5 possible bones
  • Classification: Unisex
  • Expense: $75 for 50ml EDP

Author: The Scented Hound

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7 thoughts on “Wazamba by Parfum d’Empire

  1. Wazamba in your description sounds like a perfume I will definitely want to try. I’m not sure how wearable it will be on me but I’m willing to test that.

    Do you think you’ll ever try getting it into your collection beyond a sample?


    • The great thing about Pd’E fragrances is that they are available in 50ml bottles, which I find preferable. That or 30ml. I currently don’t have any of their scents in my collection, but am just going through their sample package one by one. What I am finding is that the quality in the collection is superb. There is almost a silky smoothness that underlies all of the products. They are true quality pieces of art. Wazamba really is a treat. I have to admit that after wearing if all day a few days back that I am still thinking about it today and wishing I was wearing it again. Of course my better half said that it smelled like medicine. I say it’s good medicine 🙂


  2. Again, I think it would be too dry for me, according to the notes listed.


  3. I had trouble with this one too! It is a wonderful fragrance, complicated, unusual, yet easy to like. Sweet, syrupy, yet dry and smoky. Very interesting, but not something I enjoy wearing on my skin bizarrely.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying this line! They are always so overlooked, Parfum D’Empire is a joy to smell.


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