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Indochine by Parfumerie Generale


Intrigued by the name and intrigued by the description of this scent, I knew I had to give this fragrance a try.  Indochine is as exotic as its name.  Sweet in the bottle and initially sweet on the skin, the far east is emboldened in what I would imagine a Vietnamese Buddhist temple would smell like.  Honey, vanilla and incense are the primary notes combined with a smoky haze.  I’m a fan or oriental scents, but the incense, as mild as it is, is not a favorite of mine.  Bold, without being overpowering, I would recommend this to anyone who likes deep and rich almost gourmand incense fragrances.

From the Parfumerie Generale website:

At once sweet, vanilla-scented, resinous, powdery, milky and spicy, Benzoin Siam is a resin of great olfactory richness that is rarely used as a central theme in Perfumery. Drawing on rare notes such as Kampot Pepper, Burmese Tanakha, or Laos honey, Pierre Guillaume orchestrates a luminous, smooth and airy perfume, delicately reproducing each and every facet of the unprocessed balsam.  This sepia-tinged balm infuses Indochine with the radiance of platinum…

Indochine Notes:

Wood, Fresh Spice, Sweet Amber, Powder, Benzoin Siam Resin, Kampot Pepper, Ceylon Cardamom, Burmese Tanakha, Laos Honey.

  • Bone Rating: 4 out of 5 possible bones
  • Classification: Unisex
  • Expense: $95 for 50ml EDT

Author: The Scented Hound

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2 thoughts on “Indochine by Parfumerie Generale

  1. I saw the title for your new post in my inbox but decided to wait with reading until I tried it. Yesterday I found my sample and tried it.

    I’ll have to test it more (and I wonder if this one would smell significantly different if sprayed and not dabbed) but I think it might be my first FB of Parfumerie Generale – I liked it from the first sniff.


  2. This was my first foray into the PG line. Even though I didn’t find that it was for me, I gave it a rating of 4 since I do think it’s a beautiful composition. Glad you like it.


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