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Ambra Nobile by Nobile 1942


Sometimes I like to gamble.  Not gamble in the Las Vegas sense, but I sometimes will make a purchase sight unseen.  I took a gamble with Ambra Nobile because at present Luckyscent has the marked down by 35%.  So knowing my love of ambers I took a chance.  I couldn’t be any happier.  Ambra Nobile is a sophisticated, warm and lovely fragrance.    When I applied this for the first time, I was a bit worried.  It went on a bit sharp and had almost a putty smell that came to the surface?  Where was the amber that I so wanted?  After a bit, the sharp citrus smell retreated and the mix of the other ingredients came together along with a light spice.  Finally, the vetiver and sandalwood came through and mixed with the amber.  The combination in the end makes for a modern twist to a very old-time scent.  Ambra Nobile is considered a unisex fragrance and would satisfy both sexes easily.  But for me and probably for most men, this scent will derive memories of barbershops of past.  Ambra Nobile would be fine for day and evening wear.  It’s warmth, like many ambers, is enveloping and a spritz on my hand is perfect for satisfying my sniffing needs throughout the day.  I am a happy hound with my latest purchase!

From the Nobile 1942 website:

Ambra Nobile evokes “nights for happy lovers are bright and brief” inebriated by the perfume of amber aphrodisiac, combined with the warm, citrusy, notes of labdanum resin, the notes of liquorice Helichrysum, Whose leaves shine like gold in the sun (“golden leaf “), the” manly “tobacco hints of the Tonka bean, and a slight, delicate sandalwood finish as the calm after the storm olfactory.

Ambra Nobile Notes:

Neroli, Bergamot, Ambergris, Labdanum, Patchouly, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetiver

  • Bone Rating: 5 out of 5 possible bones
  • Classification: Unisex
  • Expense: $135 for 100ml EDP

Author: The Scented Hound

Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle!

10 thoughts on “Ambra Nobile by Nobile 1942

  1. How interesting… You’ve bought un unsniffed perfume and actually love it. Are you familiar with the brand and like their style? Or have you read reviews that gave you an idea that it would be “your” perfume? Or was it just a lucky guess?


  2. Undina – here’s how the road led me to the purchase:
    1. Looking at what’s on sale at Luckyscent (I don’t care how expensive something is, a bargain is a bargain).
    2. I see that Ambra Nobile is an amber fragrance (ambers are my favorite)
    3. I read the reviews I can find
    4. I decide to go for it
    Now, had I not loved the fragrance I probably would have given it away. But like I said, sometimes that gambling on a scent can be fun 🙂


    • If you do not mind me asking (if you do, just disregard the question): does it mean you do not have a current perfumes wish list? Have you bought by now everything you wanted to own?


      • Undina, ask away, that’s the fun part of blogging. I don’t really have a wish list. If I find something that I love, I’ll typically make a purchase (and sometimes I just feel the need to spend money, thus this purchase!). This is all really new to me and I am overwhelmed with all the different lines and fragrances and look to other reviews to steer me in the way of testing and sampling. I wish I was more educated at the various elements that go into fragrances and their creators and have looked locally to see if there were any educational classes, etc. that would help me on my journey. DC isn’t known however as a real creative climate however and I haven’t been able to find anything as of yet. I’m sure that I’ll start forming a wish list when I find that my wants are greater than my needs and once my tastes and knowledge becomes more sophisticated, but until that time who knows what will end up in my collection. But some of the prices may drive a want list to a wish list. I’m always looking for recommendations 🙂


  3. Lucky you. Blind buy is good if you get out with “like it” but to “love it” ;-).


  4. I stumbled across Ambra Nobile on ebay last week, read reviews, & ordered a decant. I’m an amber lover & don’t mind blind-buying them! It arrived today & it’s excellent. I live where it’s very hot & humid in the summer & I think it would work fine in the heat. Your review was one of the few I read before my purchase. I got all the notes you did, including that putty smell, but didn’t mind it. The drydown is beautiful with a really oplulent, but airy, feel. Ambra Nobile is a keeper


  5. That’s funny allright! It must be true then that great minds think alike! BTW, I noticed that i misspelled opulent!


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