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L’Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer Perfumes



I really wanted to like this scent.  I had read some wonderful reviews where people were raving about how distinct and special L’Air du Desert Marocain was.  Maybe it’s just my body chemistry but this scent just got lost on me.  In the bottle it smells amazing and when I applied it, I got an immediate rush of green in an almost medicinal sense.  Then it quickly moved into an ever so slight floral…I was thinking that this may turn sweet?  No, it then moved to a very dry and woody single layered scent that I found to be nice.  But I need more than nice.  As the day wore on, it just disappeared on me.  I recently reviewed 07 Tanoke by Odin and found this to be similar, but it lacks the extra special something (maybe the tinge of sweetness?) that Odin found.

From the Tauer Perfumes Website:

Head Notes:  Coriander and cumin, carefully blended with petitgrain.

Heart Notes:  A warm heart note with rock rose and a hint of jasmine.

Body Notes: Dry cedar woods and vetiver, brilliantly joined on a fine ambergris background.

Powerful, sensual and pure. Laying on the bed, watching the moon raising over the sandy hills of the Saharan desert, he dreamt the fragrance of a Moroccan night. 

  • Bone Rating:   2 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent:  dry, woody
  • Classification:  Unisex but leans towards masculine
  • Expense:   Moderately expensive – $105 for 50ml EDT intense

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9 thoughts on “L’Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer Perfumes

  1. Try this more.
    I know this is a stupid response but I ordered a most of the Tauer range in samples. The ones that instantly clicked with me were Incense Rose, and Orange Star. But I found this extremely easy to wear. Unfortunately after trying the rest of the line, I found this to be the general base, everyone says it’s “ambergris and tonka” but it always has this similar dry incense through it too.
    Basically, I think this fragrance represents the Tauer core, and it really is wonderful.
    Having said that, if I were given the option to choose even three bottles, this wouldn’t be one of them, but I do think it is stunning.
    I hope it begins to work better for you in time!


    • Not stupid at all. I’ll give it another try. I do think that this might have a lot to do with body chemistry. It seriously just disappeared on me. Maybe I need to try one of the other Tauer scents to see what happens. After my disappointment, I tried some of the 07 Tanoke again…again, very similar in the dry base, but there is just that tinge of sweetness which makes it special. I recommend trying it if you haven’t.


  2. I agree with smellythoughts: you should definitely test it more, maybe try it again when it’s warmer outside. I’m not a huge Tauer’s fan (talking about perfumes, I admire Andy as a perfumer), more of the perfumes I tried didn’t work for me than did. But I noticed that different perfumes work for me differently in different seasons.


  3. One thing I have learned over time is that there are so many factors that can affect how you interpret a scent at any given time, from body chemistry to even your mood at the time. As we all know, a scent that was so-so the first time can turn out to be one of our favorites later. Although, that can work in the reverse as well… I have a ton of lonely bottles on my shelf that haven’t been touched in a long time. I’ll give this a try again for sure. Thanks for the read Undina.


  4. Ola! Thescentedhound,
    This question may be a little off-topic, What do you know about perfume? Most people know what perfume is and many people use it themselves. When men use perfume, it is typically called cologne and the term “perfume” refers to a female’s brand. There are also perfumes for the home and car, etc. but the most common associated with the word is the kind you use on your body.
    Kindest Regards


    • Great question. First, if you read my bio I don’t claim to have any training on fragrance. If I would have understood earlier in my life that I would have become obsessed with scents I would have been more diligent in studying chemistry while in school! Your questions is a good one and I love a challenge to further educate myself. I too have struggled with the terminology perfume or cologne. Like you, I have always associated cologne with men and perfume with women. Of course, eau de cologne, eau de toilette, and eau de parfum are all made with perfume with different concentrations, does that mean that we just call men’s fragrance cologne and women’s perfume? Or do we just call all “fragrance” as there are so many unisex scents that are now marketed. I’m going to do some research to find out if I can solve this puzzle…more to come!


      • Ok, I understand, it’s lonely out there in the first couple of months for almost any blog. But talking to a bot? Really? 😉 Your blog is better than that!


  5. hello there!!! Like I mentioned on Twitter, I just found your blog so I’m going through old posts and commenting- I hope you don’t mind. Okay, about this one…way back when he just launched this scent, I bought a sample. It was AmaZING. And then I used it up, and I bought another sample (couldn’t afford a full bottle) and I swear that the formula had changed. Now if you know me at all, I’m a really lazy perfume lover, meaning that I didn’t research and try to find out if he did in fact change the formula a bit. But I swear that there is a difference between that first sample and the one I currently have.


    • Don’t sweat it Frida… I am typically a day late and a dollar short myself. I’m also with you on the laziness (well not always but a good portion of the time), sometimes I just want to smell, that’s all, no history, etc! And for this scent, I believe I’m the only person that didn’t love it. Just like me to to upset the balanced order! Thanks for stopping by!


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