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Ambra Aurea by Profumum

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More sampling, more to love.  I had to try Ambre Aurea due to my love of ambers, despite the fact that at $240 a bottle I probably was not going to buy any.  At that price, something has to be “over-the-top” special.  So my expectations were high for this scent to surprise and delight me.  A tough one to describe…when you first apply it, it’s almost chemical in it’s introduction.  At first I was concerned, but then quickly, the scent transforms into a delicious warm, slightly sweet and enveloping amber.  It is a very reassuring fragrance with a subtle sexiness about it.  This truly is a unisex parfum, I can see this wearing well on both men and woman.  I have the feeling that the characteristics of the scent would probably vary greatly on each individual.  A truly beautiful fragrance.  But at $240 for 100ml, I’m still not sure if I’m going to venture forth to purchasing a full bottle.  I’ll have to give that some thought.  However, I’m very much looking forward to testing out some more of the Profumum line.

From the Profumum website:

Olfactory Notes:  Grey Amber, Incense, Myrrh

  • Bone Rating:   5 out of 5 possible bones
  • Scent:  amber, warm, subtle
  • Classification:  Unisex
  • Expense:   Expensive – $240 for 100ml

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