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Atelier Des Ors Riviera Lazuli

WHAT I SMELL:  Wow, what an opening…Riveria Lazuli is instant sunshine combined with bright, breezy and juicy lemon citrus.  This amazing opening would make any cloudy day turn sunny in a second.  The bright and energized opening sails right into a lightly herbal woody backdrop.  Here, the sun meets the Riviera coast with cedar lined trees hugging the top of the hill.  I’m not sure how they captured the essence of the coast and put it in the bottle, but Rivera Lazuli is like taking a mini vacation with just a couple of spritzes.  After some more time, the brown sugared guaic wood meets a very light immortelle as the perfume becomes less sunny, but more sophisticated.  It’s as if the perfume moved from day to night.  The combination of the guaic wood and immortelle is very spellbinding.  Each of them can be a bit too much on their own, but they really compliment each other here evening out each of their harsher aspects.  In the end, Riveria Lazuli wraps up the sun-tinged day and quiet evening with a lightly sugared woody ember.  

Riviera Lazuli Notes:

Top notes:  lemon, cypress and bergamot

Middle notes:  sage, cedar and guaiac wood

Base notes: immortelle, balsam fir and incense

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  The French Riveria…bien sûr!


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BOTTOM LINE:  Riveria Lazuli is one of three perfumes in the new Riviera Collection, along with Pomelo Riviera and Riviera Drive.  All are perfectly suited for the warm weather and each provide their own characteristics of the sunny Riviera.  All in all, they are positively perfect for a quick vacation when all you can do is reach for a bottle of perfume!

  • Bone Rating: 3.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent: Woody Aromatic
  • Nose:   Marie Salamagne
  • Classification: Unisex
  • Expense: Approximately $185 for 100 ml eau de parfum.

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Hacivat by Nishane

WHAT I SMELL:  At first sniff Hacivat opens with a quiet and slightly chalky bergamot topped with a soft and lightly sweetened pineapple with hints of citrus.  I thought the perfume would go on loud, but instead it’s beautifully muted and contained.  Along with the sweetened notes, there’s an underlying smell of pencil shavings that gives the opening some depth.  The perfume stays in this mild sweetness for some time and that’s perfectly fine with me, because it’s incredibly calm and reassuring in it’s essence.  After some time, the citrus makes way for the woody.  Now it’s time for the perfume to grow as every minute it seems to build with a warm and lightly floral cedar.  What was soft and reassuring in the beginning is now bolder and rather masculine with a patchouli note that seems to dominate.  Here the perfume turns to a slightly sugared, but rather flat wood.  After a great while longer, the perfume begins to project and dry with some powder.  Overall, Hacivat’s development to me was a mixed bag:  the opening was incredible, the middle stage had me worried, but in the end the perfume begins to redeem itself with a softness that’s rather elegant and again, rather reassuring.  But as I say that, out comes a soured note that leaves me a little cold.

From the Nishane website:

Is a tribute to elegance, kindness, competence, and love of art. Inspired by the traditional shadow play character, this eau cypre will help you live in your best dreams by the everlasting sparkles of its joyful structure made of the stimulating notes of pineapple and bergamot backed with the genuine woody notes. Enjoy being loved!

TOP NOTES – bergamot – pineapple – grapefruit

HEART NOTES – jasmine – patchouli – cedarwood

BASE NOTES – clearwood – oakmoss – dry timberwood

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Ambivalence.  I love it…I like it…I don’t like it.  Every sniff leaves me with a different feeling.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE HACIVAT:  secure, even-tempered, safe


BOTTOM LINE:  As mentioned above, every time I wear this perfume I get a little something different from it, but the one consistent aspect is that I kind of like it, but am not anywhere near loving it.  And that to me that’s rather disappointing.

  • Bone Rating: 3 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent: Citrus Chypre Woody
  • Nose:  Jorge Lee
  • Classification: Unisex, but leans masculine
  • Expense: Approximately $240 for 50 ml perfume extrait.


Afrika-Olifant by Nishane

Afrika OlifantWHAT I SMELL:  Afrika-Olifant opens like an interesting incense and smoky mystery.  I can’t help think of a wrestler walking through clouds of smoke at a WWE event as they walk in the arena.  It’s spicy, rather sour and in your face without being heavy-handed.  However, there’s a primal male sexuality that’s powerfully overt.  The perfume screams SEX.  After a few minutes, the leather makes it way in, but as if like a stranger snuck in through the back alley, come up behind you and you feel their presence but can’t see them.  That initial rush of smoldering sex, starts to tone down after 10 minutes, but that doesn’t mean the perfume is any less provocative or subdued.  The animalic, smoky, spiced and civet laden creation smolders like burning embers.  The heat is there and if you get to close you’re going to get burned.  After 30 minutes, the musk comes to the forefront, adding another layer of pure sex.  Yes…this perfume is all about sex.  And as I try to find in my mind descriptors, I just end up back with “damn this is pure sex.”  In the end, Afrika-Olifant dries out to leave this layer of burning ash hinting at the power that came before but is now subtle, subdued, but still all that magnetic.

From the Nishane website:

Stimulates hidden desires… The fragrance opens with frankincense and myrrh. As animalic notes castoreum and civet settle down, leather and oud dominate the battlefield. Timid and audacious at the same time… 

TOP NOTES:  ambergris, frankincense, myrrhe, labdanum

HEART NOTES: castoreum, civet, leather, oud

BASE NOTES:  muscenone, thibetone, muscone, civetone

Gerard Butler 300WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:   As you can see from above, this perfume is all SEX.  So many images conjure in my mind, but I’ll go for the G-rated version:  the power, the leather, and the viral men of 300!


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BOTTOM LINE: Afrika-Olifant is not an office scent and it’s not a fragrance for going on a picnic.  It is for wearing when you’re out on the prowl or if you want to create an aura of mystery.  In the end, the perfume leaves just enough of a trail to leave those around you wondering where that incredibly sexy smell is coming from.   This is my first introduction to the Nishane line, a niche brand from Istanbul, but it won’t be my last because they have some incredible varying perfumes in the line. Duft Bluhten, an beautiful magnolia and gardenia creation is the polar opposite of Afrika-Olifant, but equally as wonderful.  Actually, the pretty floral is probably more my style than this perfume which would be on my full bottle list if I was still single and needed to add a layer of testosterone to my Saturday night bar hopping wardrobe.

  • Bone Rating:  4 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent:  Oriental
  • Nose: Jorge Lee
  • Classification:  Classified as unisex, but to me, this is completely masculine.
  • Expense: $230 for 50 ml parfum extrait.  Sold exclusively at Twisted Lily in the U.S.