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Madrona by House of Matriarch

MadronaWHAT I SMELL:  Madrona opens with a moist lavender that’s creamy and lightly sugared.  A light leather and birch bring a little bit of sour into the perfume along with a hint of burnt rubber.  The initial feel of the perfume is quite outdoorsy and masculine while at the same time it’s also rather smooth with just the right amount of toughness.  A smoldering woodiness creates the base which makes the fragrance feel strong and steady.  As the perfume develops it begins to soften, while still confident, it adds a dimension of contentment as the lavender becomes more powdered and a woody vetiver begins to take over as a radiant base.  

From the House of Matriarch website:

A fragrance born of the Northwest. Dream-inducing lavender fields mingle with towering cedar trees swaying gently in the misted Pacific breeze. An underlying sense of exploration, imbued through a Vetiver base note, keeps this ancient Northwest spirit youthful and exotic. Madrona, whose bark itself look like it was forged of polished bronze, lends more than just a note to this fragrance — it lays the roots of its name.

Sacagawea_Lewis_ClarkWHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  The perfume made for Lewis and Clark…at the journey’s end where the tall trees meet the cool ocean of the Pacific Northwest.



BOTTOM LINE:  What started off as rather manly, in the end becomes a real comforting and easy to wear scent.  The perfume is not large in its projection which makes this a perfect fit for an office setting.

  • Bone Rating:  3.5 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent:  Aromatic
  • Nose:  Christi Meshell
  • Classification: Unisex, but leans masculine
  • Expense: $120 for 15 ml parfum