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Goldfield & Banks Purple Suede

WHAT I SMELL:  Purple Suede opens with a dry and warm sweet and smoky leathered lavender that is soon met with a pronounced suede.  It’s inviting and wonderfully soft in tone and texture.  The perfume moderates the leather with the lavender as if the leather contains a powder from a lavender sachet.  This powdery mixture is muted and surprisingly dreamlike like for a leather perfume.  But of course as soon as I write about how soft and muted it is, Purple Suede begins to turn to the more robust with an undercurrent of peppered oud that begins to push itself in from beneath.  The leather begins to sharpen, and to me, turns from the unisex to the more masculine with a deep and increasingly heavy presence with a nod to the funky with the addition of civet.  Thankfully after awhile the leather comes back into play, but it never returns to the soft and muted suede that I liked at the beginning of the journey.

From the Goldfield & Banks website:

An olfactory imagination expressing the scent of aromatic fields of sunburnt lavender, where blossoms are crisped by the fierce heat of the sun. Paired with the scent of rust-coloured saddles, this sensual perfume reveals a distinctively rich and dry sillage. A contemporary and unexpected take on lavender and leather. 

Botanical & Essences – Lavender Tasmania, Pink Pepper Reunion Island, Hyssop Flowers France, Woodleather, Patchouli Indonesia, Oakmoss, Civet, Amber, Oud

WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE TO ME:  Little John, played by Alan Hale Sr. in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938).   A nice enough fella with a good demeanor, but who might need to clean up just a bit.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE PURPLE SUEDE:  potent, funkified, robust


BOTTOM LINE:  I loved the opening of Purple Suede and found that the soft lavender infused leather demeanor that was initially there was pretty and calming.  Unfortunately, with the addition of the civet and oud, the perfume took a path that didn’t appeal to me.  Not bad, but not a love either.    

  • Bone Rating: 3 out of possible 5 bones
  • Scent: Aromatic Leather
  • Classification: Unisex, but leans masculine
  • Expense: $235 for 100ml parfum extrait