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Ineke Scent Library


Ineke_ScentLibrary_2_webDon’t you just love perfumed packages in the mail?  It’s even better when the perfume is housed in the perfect packaging.  Yesterday I receive the Ineke Perfumes Scent Library and I have to say that Ineke Ruhland has outdone herself in perfume creation and package design.  The Scent Library provides 2.5ml samples of the Floral Curiosities line of fragrances which are housed in the most innovative packaging that I have seen a long time…they come in a book!   And inside the Scent Library book are individual “library cards” that describe each fragrance in the collection… each of which are individually exquisite and lovely.   The five fragrances in the Floral Curiosities collection are:

Angel’s Trumpet (Brugmansia) Fresh and Opulent

Angel’s Trumpet opens with refreshing notes of honeydew melon, Seville orange and leafy greens.  Angel Trumpet’s rich floralcy is then warmed by cinnamon leaf and allspice and supported by Virginia cedar and white musk.

Briar Rose (Rosa Rubiginosa) Fruity and Floral

A pretty rose-violet accord given big character with supporting notes of black raspberry, green apple, warm spices, patchouli, cacao and vanilla.

Poet’s Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) Citrus and Herbal

A fragrance inspired by Poet’s Jasmine tea, replete with slices of citrus fruit.  Added points of interest include star anise, rosemary, absinthe, frankincense, cardamom, hinoki wood and guaiac wood.

Scarlet Larkspur (Delphinium cardinale) Floral Oriental

A bright fruity opening of blood orange, red currant and morello cherry deepens over time with notes of claret wine, nutmeg, saffron, amyris wood, tonka bean and vanilla.

Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) Woody and Sweet

Ineke_ScentLibrary_7_webA peach schnaps note introduces the spicy Sweet William floral accord, and is further warmed with cinnamon, clove and cumin essential oils.  The dominant wood notes are a blend of cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli, softened with Bourbon vanilla.

I am having a hard time deciding which one of these floral beauties is my favorite…so far Scarlet Larkspur and Briar Rose are running neck and neck.

You can check out all of the Floral Curiosities fragrances with your very own Ineke Scent Library which is only available via the Ineke website  for a great price of $22!   Great fragrances, great packaging, great price….how fun!


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17 thoughts on “Ineke Scent Library

  1. I wasn’t really fond of Briar Rose and Sweet William, the two I tried so far, but the packaging is a lovely thing to look at.


  2. Great concept. Handsome packaging. Accessible price.


  3. I love the “ancient” look of the package. It gives the idea of being found in grandma’s attick. Like some kind of treasure.


  4. I feel almost bad that I won’t be buying this set. My “excuse” is that I already own four out of five “curiosities” and also in the adorable “book” packaging. But I really-really like both the idea of making samples look that great and the fact that they are redeemable against a FB purchase.


  5. Awesome! I heard about these through EAUMG’s video review and went to order a box. It’s a little more expensive non US but I’m still very tempted to get them! Do you think they’d be to my taste? Come on you know me!
    I’m all over the florals, but INEKE always seems kinda, transparent? Safe? I dunno. Still – I’d love to find something of hers I really like. Very nice write up – have you found a favourite since writing?


    • My dear Freddie – I think you are right on the nose about these fragrances. You should note that they were first launched in the US exclusively at a chain for younger women called Anthropologie Now they are available elsewhere. They are pretty, but I believe a bit too tame for your liking as they become light and airy except for Sweet William which much more herbal than floral to me. I think I liked Larkspur the best it was almost like California wine country to me. If you want a second opinion on these, Undina said she owns four of the fragrances although I’m not sure which ones.


  6. My copy of the “book” arrived this week and I am having fun exploring them all. Briar Rose is very interesting indeed and I am loving Angels Trumpet. It is just so much FUN!


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