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May Lily by Freddie and other reviews


A couple of weeks ago, Freddie author of the smellythoughts blog, tricked his readers with a review on a new perfume May Lily.  As it turns out, this was Freddie’s first foray into creating a scent.  Creating that perfect scent is something that no doubt, all perfume lovers dream about and I believe that he was extremely tickled to have the opportunity to actually try.  You can read all about May Lily by clicking here.

After reading his review, I said I would love to sample his new fragrance and to give it a review of my own.  Freddie kindly offered to send me a sample of May Lily and forwarded a batch of other scents as well.  There was only one problem, when the package arrived, all of the writing on the labels had faded and as a green pen was used, all that was left was green & yellow undecipherable smudge.  So Freddie told me what he sent and I am seeing if my nose can differentiate the different scents.  So hold on, I hope that I am giving the proper quick reviews for these fragrances.

May Lily by Freddie – May Lily starts off with a floral sweetness.  There is a nice, soft and sweet innocence about the opening.  But given a short amount of time, May Lily turns a bit more subdued, I smell ever so much of a hint of leather and what I almost characterize as a baby powder kind of smell, but without the powder aspect.  There is something strangely familiar with the mid notes, maybe its the lily, but it doesn’t seem like lily to me.  And as time goes on, there is a bit of a burnt smell that lightly creeps out.  Kudos, to Freddie for this first attempt, there is nothing linear with May Lily and that’s part of the excitement to watch the scent change and morph!  And this is clearly a unisex scent that could work for anybody. Bone Rating of 4 Bones out of 5.

Aoud Lime by Montale – I made the mistake of opening up the Aoud Lime by Montale and applying that first.  Unfortunately, once you get a whiff of this scent it holds your nostrils hostage and you can’t smell anything else.  Aoud Lime holds nothing back, it’s loud and sharp in almost a plastic beefy sense.  I smell some rose and saffron, but am not really getting the lime.  I’m not a huge Montale’s fan and this scent hasn’t change my mind.  Bone Rating of 3 Bones out of 5.

Commando by Smell Bent – If you read the review by Freddie on Commando, you’ll find that he is in love with this scent. To me however, Commando smells like a dirty jockstrap. Commando is a mix of sweat, musk and other fecal and noxious ingredients.  I have said enough.  Sorry Freddie. Bone Rating of 1 Bone out of 5.

Avignon by Comme Des Garcons – Avignon reminds me of summers at my cousin’s farm.  There is something very familiar with this scent. Old wooden floorboards, mixed with dust.  Burnt wood and ageless use of an old building.  Avignon’s incense and dryness make for an unusual scent.  It is a scent that I would have a hard time finding the right time and place to wear it.  And I typically like scents that make me feel warm and happy.  There is something very remote about this scent.  Avignon is a scent that wears you, not the other way around.  Incredibly interesting… probably more suited for the Goth in your life.  Bone Rating of 3 Bones out of 5.

Freddie sent some other samples to me, but at this time, by nose is tuckered out from identifying and testing these different scents in one setting.  More to come with the others!

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12 thoughts on “May Lily by Freddie and other reviews

  1. Hi Steve! Thrilled youv’e began exploring these.
    I hope the May Lily is the right sample! I was gutted when you said the sample bottles had smudged 😦 How frustrating is that.
    To be honest, your description of May Lily sounds much like Gris Clair I sent you. You sure your not detecting any lavender in the opening? Gris Clair has a strong burnt note in it (ash). I’m glad you enjoyed it none the less.
    You’re right about Avignon, that spicy frankincense has such a cold “remote” quality to it, that’s why I struggle with it so. It is wonderful however and I love it in the winter when it’s crisp and cold.
    Sorry to hear about Commando – I kind of expected that response though! I love my dirty musk hahaha. It is filthy ey!!
    I send you Aoud Lime because I recognized you enjoyed Black Aoud and I think the lime is better, there is no lime that’s right but the saffron adds that beautiful dusty quality to it, and tones down the rose a tad.
    Very pleased to read your reviews 😀 I’ll be sure to send you a boatload more soon! 😛


  2. Oh dear, I hope I didn’t mix up the Gris Clair and the May Lily!!! Seriously, after trying so many at one time my nose did get fatigued. As for the Commando, I’m glad you like it. I rarely give a 1 bone rating, but to my nose it was not a winner!!


    • Haha!! Don’t worry, it’s hard to find others who enjoy it.
      Well, i sent you those two Frapin samples as well, and there should be one remaining? Try that one – it should have a fizzy soapiness with an unidentifiable synthetic floral, and then a bitter green underneath. Let me know if that matches a little better if you can access the sample now.
      Delicate innocent floral with a creamy ass powder – that’s your Gris Clair summed up perfectly 🙂
      As I said though, it’s to be expected that some got mixed up. I’ll send you some more samples soon if you want 😛 I’ve discovered some wonderful things recently and I need to share them!!


  3. P.s I still don’t mind if you give it “One bone” – May Lily isn’t something easy to enjoy! 😛


  4. Unfortunately, one of the samples leaked. If I reviewed Clair Gris, then it was May Lily that leaked. There wasn’t enough in there to really test out. GRRRRRR… sorry. And I just got in my supplies for samples. I want to return the favor.


  5. Haha! No way, that’s so typical isn’t it. To be honest, your review is beyond accurate of Gris Clair… and as soon as you mentioned the burnt note, I couldn’t convince myself any longer that it was mine 😛
    Steve I will be sure to send you another sample out, in a spray vial, labelled properly and await your horrified one bone!! Haha.
    I’ve got some other great bits to send you, anything you particular want to try that I’ve reviewed? Any cravings you have at the minute? Florals? Avante-garde? Leather even?!?!
    And I shall send you an email for a return (if you insist ;))


  6. On a topic I want to say that I have no desire whatsoever to create a perfect scent – or any scent to that matter 🙂 But I have a huge admiration to those who does.

    Now, on the more practical matter: electrical tape!!! No samples – dab or spray – should be sent without it (unless it’s a local delivery that doesn’t involve planes… but even then).


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  8. Are you sure that Lime Aoud deserves as many as 3 bones???! 😉 If I had a bone system (such a brilliant idea, if I may add), I would have given it half a bone. “Holds your nostrils hostage” is putting it quite mildly, if you ask me!


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